This Hearing Aids Center site came about because I am losing my hearing.  Severely.  And it was isolating me; I reduced time spent with friends, family and the public.

Before hearing aids, when people would talk with me, I got frustrated because everyone was mumbling and slurring their words.  I would respond and they would look at me with astonishment and ask "Where did that come from?"  It seems what I heard was not even close to what was being discussed.

Embarrassed, I sharply reduced my time out.



Hearing aids, promoted at the retail stores were too expensive. $1,500, $2,000, $4,000.  Per ear. And did not last all that long - good ones were  expected to last less than seven years.

So I wanted to find alternatives.

Retail stores had overhead - rents, utilities, trained professional staff (audiologists are expensive), specialized equipment. And high markups.

I already had an audiology report, so did not need to have that expense folded into the price of a hearing aid. I knew enough that I could get away without a customized ear mold. I also realized most staff members were essentially salespeople trying to upgrade me to the latest and greatest, when all I needed was something to make me hear.



And so I looked, researched, explored.  I wanted something to bring back those missing "P"s, "S"s and other sounds I could no longer hear.  I wanted something that would bring back pitches, allowing me to hear birds and my grandchildren (it was embarrassing - my teenage son could yell in my ear and I could barely hear him because of the pitch of his voice).

And I wanted something small because I was vain and did not want a big old piece of equipment attached to my ear.  And cheap.  I did not have a lot of money.

And I found the solutions.



I looked in Germany, France, USA, Canada.  And China.  China makes cheap products, sold worldwide.  It is cheap because that is usually what we ask for.  But they also make well made products for a little more.  That is where I found the solutions to my hearing problems.

I went to trade shows, spent time in factories ( I used to spend a lot of time in China and know my way around) and found some manufacturers I could work with.

I bought and used different kinds of hearing aids - RIC (Receiver in Canal), where the unit sits behind the ear and has a very thin line going into the ear; ITE (In The Ear), where the unit all fits inside the ear, BTE (Behind The Ear) - a larger version of the RIC and others.

Some were able to recharge on a battery stand, some could be controlled with bluetooth; some had a LOT of bands (16+) and channels (32+) (these break sound down to smaller frequencies and volume control in the frequencies).

I knew that hearing aid manufacturers kept adding new ...... toys....  so they could promote the "newest and greatest" for higher and higher prices.

It was like buying a car.  I did not need watching video, accessing the internet, usb plugins, 110 volt plugins and a bunch of other distractions.  I just needed a car to go from point "A" to point "B".

Hearing aids are the same way.

The manufacturers I picked had a lot of different styles and features.  I went pretty basic - I wanted to keep the prices down, so did not go with features such as programmable. I kept with the basics that would work well; non programmable that allowed you, when wearing the hearing aid to actually hear.  I wanted hearing aids that would work from mild hearing loss to a severe hearing problem.

One manufacturer we are using for Hearing Aids Center also had the advantage of having some of the smallest hearing aids available.  Back to the vain comment earlier - I like small.

And these hearing aids were so small and light that you would forget you were wearing them (Really. I sometimes go to bed or into a shower, forgetting I am wearing them).

But I also found a manufacturer that is gaining a great reputation because of their innovations. Manufacturers make hearing aids smaller and smaller. The BHearing manufacturer went the other way,  They wanted to pack as much help for the wearer as they could.  And did they succeed!

Built in audiology tests so the BHearing system could be programmed specifically for you. And you can also use it watching t.v. without family yelling the t.v. was too loud and dogs down the street were yowling because of the television volume.

Your BHearing system has a separate small microphone that you can use anywhere you need to hear better - a boardroom, on a podium, attached to a teacher (think children who do not hear so well) or attach ear buds and talk back and forth with your companion with minimal noise (think hearing impaired date or riding a motorcycle).

And of course, being blue tooth, you can listen to music on your phone or answer a call.

These two hearing systems we have will work wonders for your hearing and allow you to visit with friends and family again.  Literally a life changer!

Check out below for more information on which hearing system works best for you.

Good For Mild To Severe Hearing Loss

World's Smallest Hearing Aid

BHEARING Hearing System With Built In Audiology Program

The B Hearing hearing system is a unique looking hearing system that has an audiology program; controls for your hearing ranges - pitches, volume, etc; connects to the television so family and neighbors don't complain; connects to your phone for music or answering calls; has a remote microphone you can place "elsewhere" (at a meeting table, clip to your spouse' shirt) to better hear what is being said.


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