This Is A Hearing Aid

Great Bass & Treble For a Fantastic Hearing Experience, and a Customized Audiology Program To Overcome Your Hearing Problems Are Just a Few Innovations Of Your B Hearing System

Hearing Aids Center B Hearing System

B Hearing System

  • B Hearing 4 in 1 hearing system has an audiology program
  • You can adjust frequencies for more specialized hearing
  • B Hearing has four different environment settings (General, Restaurant, Traffic and Outdoor)
  • B Hearing can connect with your phone for phone calls and hear music
  • It has individual volume control for each ear
  • B Hearing has a remote microphone you can place on a podium, in a boardroom, on lapel of companion to hear them better. Good for 65 feet
  • You can connect the microphone to a tv so you can adjust the volume without bothering anyone else

Hearing Loss

The B Hearing System came about because I am losing my hearing.  Severely.  And it was isolating me; I reduced time spent with friends, family and the public.

Before hearing aids, when people would talk with me, I got frustrated because everyone was mumbling and slurring their words. I would respond and they would look at me with astonishment and ask "Where did that come from?" It seems what I heard was not even close to what was being discussed.

Embarrassed, I sharply reduced my time out.

Too Expensive

Hearing aids, promoted at the retail stores were too expensive. $1,500, $2,000, $4,000. Per ear. And did not last all that long - good ones were expected to last less than seven years.

So I wanted to find alternatives.

Retail stores had overhead - rents, utilities, trained professional staff (audiologists are expensive), specialized equipment. And high markups.

I already had an audiology report, so did not need to have that expense folded into the price of a hearing aid. I knew enough that I could get away without a customized ear mold. I also realized most staff members were essentially salespeople trying to upgrade me to the latest and greatest, when all I needed was something to make me hear.

And so I looked, researched, explored. I wanted something to bring back those missing "P"s, "S"s and other sounds I could no longer hear. I wanted something that would bring back pitches, allowing me to hear birds and my children (it was embarrassing - my teenage son could yell in my ear and I could barely hear him because of the pitch of his voice).

And I wanted something small because I was vain and did not want a big old piece of equipment attached to my ear. And cheap. I did not have a lot of money.

And I found the solutions

Hearing Aid Sources

China makes cheap products, sold worldwide. It is cheap because that is usually what we ask for.

But they also make well made products for a little more. That is where I found the solutions to my hearing problems.

I went to trade shows, spent time in factories ( I used to spend a lot of time in China and know my way around) and found some manufacturers I could work with.

I bought and used different kinds of hearing aids - RIC (Receiver in Canal), where the unit sits behind the ear and has a very thin line going into the ear; ITE (In The Ear), where the unit all fits inside the ear, BTE (Behind The Ear) - a larger version of the RIC and others.

Some were able to recharge on a battery stand, some could be controlled with bluetooth; some had a LOT of bands (16+) and channels (32+) (these break sound down to smaller frequencies and volume control in the frequencies).

I knew that hearing aid manufacturers kept adding new ...... toys.... so they could promote the "newest and greatest" for higher and higher prices.

It was like buying a car. I did not need watching video, accessing the internet, usb plugins, 110 volt plugins and a bunch of other distractions. I just needed a car to go from point "A" to point "B".

I felt hearing aids should be the same way.

As I mentioned, I bought and used different styles of hearing aids.  I wanted to see how they felt; how well I could hear; what might be the problems in using.  But I was preprogrammed how a hearing is supposed to look and feel.

And then I found the B Hearing System.

Previously, I wanted something small and discrete; something where I could hide my hearing disability.

I initially did not want the B Hearing System as something to help my hearing - it was too big; too flashy.

The manufacturer was patient and showed me the advantages over most hearing aids.

It had an app that could be placed on your smart phone with a built in audiology system. Your hearing changes, and some people go to the audiologist annually to have their hearing aid (hopefully) adapted to the new hearing loss. With the audiology program, you can self test as often as you want to keep up with your hearing loss.

Many of us wish we could tweak our system. The B Hearing System allows you to do just that; you can adjust your pitches to each specific ear. And you can also adjust the volume for each ear as well - which is nice because some people have hearing problems worse in one ear than the other

The app allows you four general hearing modes, depending how much background noise there is. You have "General", "Restaurant", "Traffic" and "Outdoors". These modes help eliminate the background noise that can be so distracting.

There is a noise cancelling feature so that a sudden loud noise is "smoothed out" so it doesn't hurt your ears or startle you.

Using BlueTooth, you can answer your phone or listen to music.

Because the line to the ear buds are much thicker than a hearing aid line, the sound is so much richer. I use the analogy that it is like listening to a transistor radio (most hearing aids) compared to a home stereo (B Hearing).

The B Hearing System comes with a remote microphone called the HearLink. This really makes a difference.

Connect to the television using either the RCA cable, the audio cable or the optical cable (your kids can show you how if you are not sure, although it is easy - I did it and I am NOT a mechanical genius), connecting the HearLink remote microphone and listen to the television without the family yelling how loud the tv is; the windows rattling; the neighbors cussing a storm; the dogs down the street yowling.

The microphone, being BlueTooth, can be placed in a noisy room to hear better. You can place it on a board room table for a meeting, on a podium to listen to speakers, clipped to your spouse's lapel to hear clearly what they said (okay - maybe you don't want to hear your wife or husband. I'm just saying...).

The HearLink microphone is good for 65 feet.....

The HearLink wireless microphone can also be used for hearing and talking. You can connect ear buds to the microphone so you can hear and talk. Great if you are riding a motorcycle together or both parties are hard of hearing, for instance.

And you get the B Hearing & HearLink system with a 30 day money back guarantee and a one year warranty. Check out the details below..


With B Hearing, you can change the hearing mode from General to Restaurant to Traffic to Outdoor using your smart phone and the B Hearing app. Click on the setting you want for optimum hearing.


With your smart phone, you can access the B Hearing app and have a customized hearing profile, using the audiology performance system.

Sometimes you may feel the need to customize your hearing profile further. With your app, you can fine tune your hearing system to strengthen any perceived weaknesses.


B Hearing INR technology is incorporated in your hearing system to protect against unexpected loud noises.  The technology automatically dampens the sound so as not to further damage your ear drums.


B Hearing's HearLink system is a remote microphone that can be placed remotely to hear distant conversations better.   It can also be attached to a television to give good sound volume while not disturbing the surrounding area.  It can also be attached (to a person) to facilitate conversations with a plugin hearing bud so the person wearing the microphone can also communicate by bluetooth



All these years, I have never listened to music using ear buds.  With my diminished hearing, I didn't listen to much television or listen to much music.  Using hearing aids, I often "screwed" the hearing aids into my ears.

Ear buds work differently.

After getting frustrated not being able to keep my ear buds in my ears (they kept falling out), I went to the source of all knowledge.  My sixteen year old son. After giving "that look", he pulled up a great video on Youtube showing me how to use my ear buds.

And so I pass this along for you, hoping you don't get frustrated like I was.


Ronald B.

5.0 out of 5 stars

What I think so far.

August 12, 2019

First a little background on me. For about 40 years I have been a professional live sound and studio recording engineer, so I know technology and sound.

But over the years I have lost a substantial amount of my hearing. I can't do live sound
anymore, and in the studio all I can do is be a consultant and teach technology and
sound concepts.

I have used a number of hearing aids, and have been extremely disappointed with
them and the insane pricing.

I have a number of different hearing assist devices, some work for some settings,
and some work for others, but none give the versatility and control I want and require.
So, I have been on the search for a better way. Most importantly I want to have
complete control of my devices so I can change things as I need, for all the different
setting I encounter on a day to day basis.

I also used to be a sign language interpreter, and worked with the deaf and hard of
hearing. I'm hoping this device can help some of my friends. (Now, I'm hard of hearing. Come on folks, please use hearing protection. Nowdays the technology can create even more dangerous levels of sound, and the technology of hearing protection devices are incredible).


It seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. So I did some research, compared other devices, watched all of the teaching videos, looking for that elusive control I had been searching for that hearing aids lack, and are just now starting to implement because of competition with devices like this, but the hearing aids are still way overpriced and don't have the complete control that this device does.

I have been in communication with the techs and customer service asking questions trying to get an idea if this really is going to work for me, (or my hard of hearing friends).

Now I have one. First, I want to state, I am still in the process of evaluating this device. I have not been payed to evaluate this device. I payed full price. I evaluate all technology I encounter in the studio and on the road, very thoroughly, realistically, and with an open mind.

I have been really putting this device through the paces. So far, it is doing great. Seems to do what I had been hoping for.

Now on to the review, here is what I think so far; 1 - Love the full control, especially the EQ (called Home page) where I can tune the frequencies in real time, (this was probably the one most important thing I was looking for). I love being able to save my settings.

2 - The different modes, Indoor, Outdoor, Crowd, and Live Music, are in my opinion very discernable and seem to work quite effectively.

3 - The noise reduction seems very robust, and works well. I have read where some people are confusing it with noise cancelation, it only changes the background noise frequencies, and works quite well. It is not noise cancelation, it is reduction for existing background noise.

4 - I did both the Basic and Advanced evaluation (similar to the evaluation a hearing audiologist conducts). Seems pretty spot on with my audiology chart from my Doctor. I like the fact that I can fine tune the evaluation to better suit my needs and can be changed as I see fit, then save the settings.

5 - I like that you can have complete control with the phone, save the settings and disconnect from the phone and all the new setting are in the device, so you can be completely separated from the phone and it still has almost all functions with the collar switches. Oh, by the way I was also able to use it with my tablet. I don't think it works with all tablets, but it did with mine.

6 - I was surprised by the quality of bluetooth streaming music from my phone. The earpieces are quite good, not as high as some high end BT devices, but I found them to be better than I was expecting. I found that trying the different silicone domes have a big effect on the quality, especially the bass. So I am able to enjoy music with decent quality. I have a generic BT transmitter that I use on my TV, and I am pleased with the earpiece quality as well with very little latency (latency is the delay between the sound and the picture).

Here is an experience I had a couple of days ago while wearing the device. I was in the car visiting with my wife, and I noticed her voice was very processed sounding, which as a sound engineer I know exactly what is going on, the device is processing the algorithms. But... I could 'HEAR' her, and the background sounds wind, tire sound, engine, etc were dramatically reduced. Again, I will restate, I could 'HEAR' her, even though she sounded like her voice was going through an effects box.

No other device I have used, has worked this well in being able to separate the voice from other sounds and make out what another person is clearly saying, just her voice sounded strange, but that's ok, I could clearly hear what she was saying.  (algorithms are the mathematical programming information the device needs to process to effectively get a very good sound) . I read in some of the reviews people were confused by this effect. This is something that absolutely needs to be made known in the sales information.

With that, I think if customers were aware that this is normal with current technology, they would be more excepting of this.

Here is another experience I had a couple of days ago.

My wife and I were sitting on the porch, and again I was having difficulty hearing her. We live very close to a highway and it's quite noisy. I have noticed since my hearing has gotten bad, the cars with tire sounds on the pavement, really drowns out conversation. I turned on the device. I found that the Crowd Mode with High noise reduction worked better in this situation than the Outside mode.

This is what is fun about experimenting to see what works best for a given situation. This is done in all studios, experimenting for the best sound. Again, I could hear my wife, I still hear some road noise, but man, what an improvement in our conversation.

There is one thing I have noticed that I would suggest changing, just a little. The limiter compressor function is a bit too aggressive. In the studio, if our limiters or compressors are set too high, it is what we call sound pumping, when louder sounds happen, it clamps down the volume, and it can be distracting. This function is 'absolutely' necessary and something a lot of other devices don't have. This is really handy for loud sounds, (drop something on the floor) so as to not uncomfortably overdrive the volume, but I think this should be a bit milder. (I have been in communication with the company and they said they noticed that also, and are going to change so the limiting is milder). (Thanks guys).

Oh, one more thing, when I am bluetooth streaming, music, TV, etc, and I turn on Listen-thru mode, the 'quality' of the outside sounds are reduced compared to the stand alone Hearing Assist mode. When I stop streaming, and go back to stand alone Hearing Assist mode, the quality of the outside sounds are very good again. I don't know if this is something that can be improved or not. (again I have been in communication with the company and they said they are planning some changes to that as well). (Thanks again guys).

These folks seem like they are going to really try to make this an outstanding device. If they do, and they seem to be open to input, and with the reasonable pricing, this device could possibly someday be a benchmark for all other similar devices on the market to follow.

I don't want people to believe that this is going=to give you back perfect hearing, it is not. Nothing can do that. So a person has to be careful to not get false expectations. So far it has made a huge improvement for me. I probably will never wear my hearing aids again. This is so much easier to put on (wear), control, and tune and is rechargeable. I think I might get another one for backup, so I always have one on the ready, using one while the other is charging.


I have to say this is a device that can dramatically improve what we have unfortunately lost. And with a little bit of learning and patience, I think it is easy enough for almost anyone to use.

So thus far I am quite pleased, but I really want to give it some more time, trying it in all different settings. I am anxious to try it it in a restaurant setting, windy settings, with live music, outside to hear birds (which I have not heard in a while), picking up phone calls, and some other things I personally need.  I will post more later, after I have more experience with it.


5.0 out of 5 stars

Love this product

February 26, 2017

Love this product. It works like a Bluetooth earbuds which can connect to two device. It has two batteries and if one is low, you can remove just the low power battery and charge it while keeping the other battery on the earbuds to continue using it. The extra part of this earbud is that it is also a sound amplifier so when I forget to use or don't want to use my hearing aid I use this earbud to amplify the sound around me. Works great.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Excellent product

July 29, 2019

5.0 out of 5 stars
These are the best out there

July 10, 2019

First, some background. I have a hearing problem. I have hearing aids but they don’t work well in multiple situations such as in a restaurant, movie, watching tv (alone or with my wife). I have tried numerous other modalities.
For TV Sennheiser headphones were good. But you need Bluetooth as well and the Bose Hearphones are excellent (and $499). I bought the Iqboost (again $499 but got on special at $399) and these would be ok IF they didn’t fall out. The IQboost is to me a joke.
I saw these at $279 and felt worth a gamble. Well, these are the best out there. Try them. If you have a hearing problem you should try these.
frank hatch
5.0 out of 5 stars
New technology replaces the old monopoly of hearing aid establishment

July 28, 2019

Now we have a technology that provides hearing assistance with the connections of phone, tablet, desktop computers, laptop computers and TV's. What more could you want from an electronic assisted hearing device.
With the amplification tailored to the 6 important frequencies and noise cancellation. Control of listening mode along with crowd mode, outdoor mode, music mode and indoor modes you have a more perfect hearing experience than $8000.00 hearing aids at your friendly audiologist downtown. Of course someone will think of some other mode to add to this system but the only thing BeHear could improve on is the battery life and moving the on/off button down to the other controls on the "pendants" and providing for the use of an external battery pack at the same time as using the device.
For now BeHear Now is the best system for the men/women/children on the street and the price makes it possible for families to afford this system and give everyone the quality of life that the gift of hearing provides.
Bless you BeHear and all the little helpers from beginning to end in make this wonderful Product available to the world.

Brian M. Edwards

5.0 out of 5 stars

I like It

July 26, 2019

Just received this and here are a few initial thoughts.

The app is pretty impressive, I did the hearing test twice, it fine tuned the settings just right for each ear.

The audio sound when listening to music is quite reasonable, not the best but good. (Audiophiles will not be satisfied, but at this price nothing will satisfy them)
As for hearing assistance, which is why I bought these, it is working well so far.
The carry / travel bag is very well made.

I will do further testing and will do an update soon, but so far these are 5 Stars!

Hollie Meyer

5.0 out of 5 stars

Good product - my hearing is so much better

September 3, 2019

I've been wearing hearing aids since the age of 8. I knew a long time ago that I was being told a bunch of lies about how the hearing aids had the newest technology and my hearing and comprehension would be greatly improved. For a long time, I didn't know any better, but I did notice that there were problems with whistling, background noise and sound clarity. Also, this was a closed industry with nearly 0 information on-line, therefore, we had to rely on what our audiologist was telling us.

A few years ago, I heard that congress had passed a bill deregulating the hearing aid industry. I was going to wait until 2020 to buy a new one, but I was going to insist on one which had great sound clarity and got rid of the background noise.

In my recent search, I found the Bose Hearphone. I went to test it out and it was really good, so much better than all those hearing aids I paid over $4,000 a pair. It was only $499.

I did further research and found the Behear device. It had the same qualities as the Bose device and it was half the price. In fact, it has more features than the Bose:

With a downloaded app, the Behear device, gave me a hearing test, close to what I would get at an audiologist office. The app would then personalize my device to the test results.

I have been using it for a month. It is amazing. I no longer need to focus and concentrate to understand what people are saying because they're coming in loud and clear. I have never had this experience in my life. My life is so much better and I have so much more confidence.

This is not a complete review, but if you do have a hearing issue, I would suggest you give Behear a shot. I don't believe that you will be disappointed.

Trina Boice

Easy and hands-free

June 24, 2018



That's right!  Use your B Hearing System a full 30 days.
If you don't love it, send it back for a full refund

B Hearing Comes With A Full One Year
Warranty Against Manufacturer's Defects

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers
To Questions No One Thinks To Ask

  • q-iconHow long before I get my hearing aid?

    It takes approximately 7-14 days from payment to delivery.

  • q-iconWhere does my hearing aid come from?

    We have some supplies in our warehouse in Canada. What we don’t have, we have shipped from overseas.

  • q-icon If you are shipping from outside my country, what about customs duties?

    Most times, Customs allows your hearing aid through with no duties or taxes. Occasionally though, someone gets ambitious and sets a fee. This is nominal and at your expense

  • q-icon Is there a warranty on my hearing aid?

    Yes. There is a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. There is also a one year manufacturer’s warranty against defects.

  • q-iconIf I need to use my manufacturer’s warranty, how do I do so?

    Email us with the problem (admin@hearingaids.center). It may be something simple we can help you solve. If this does not work, Get a service # from us, then ship your unit back to us (344 – 3345 Kingsway, Vancouver BC V5R 0A7) for either a repair or new B Hearing System (manufacturer’s discretion). Tell us what the problem is when you send your unit back.

  • q-iconHow do I pick which hearing dome (the rubbery piece that goes over the part of the hearing aid that goes in your ear) to use?

    I suggest you start with the smallest and work your way up to what is comfortable for you.

  • q-iconMy ear buds bothers my ear

    This can be either of two reasons – your ear is initially not used to something in it, so you can pull it out momentarily and put it back in or it might be because your ear dome is not fitting right, in which case you can try a different ear dome.

  • q-iconI still can not hear what people are saying properly.

    Not mentioned in all the different manufacturer hearing aid marketing materials is the fact that your brain has adjusted to your not hearing as well as you used to. Using the B Hearing System confuses your brain, and it takes awhile for your brain to adjust to the different sounds and pitches. We suggest wearing your B Hearing System everyday, even if you are not going out. This way, (A) your ear can get used to something being in it, and (B) your brain can adjust to even the smallest noises we don’t think of – the fridge running, patter of feet on the floor, background noises and music.



This Is A Great System But It Sounds Expensive

Hearing Aids can cost $2,000 per ear (usually more) and not have near the functions and accessories B Hearing has




We don't want you to pay thousands of dollars (even though this is probably the best full featured system on the market) so you can hear well.

No need to pay $4,000+.  No need to pay $1,200+.

We are direct-from-the-manufacturer. No middlemen, wholesalers, warehousers or manufacturer agents that make money along the way so you pay much more than you should.

We don't have a retail store, audiologists (usually more than one), expensive equipment (ever wonder how much that sound proof room is?), overhead such as heat, hydro, taxes.....

We Usually Sell The B Hearing System With The HearLink Remote Microphone For $499 USD

The Manufacturer Is Raising Our Price Because Of Wage And Materials Price Increases; This Means The B Hearing Is Going To Cost More


We Have 42 37 30  6  B Hearing Systems Left In Our Warehouse. We Want To Clear Them Out For New Stock

So.....  Until They Are Gone Our Manufacturer Has Authorized A Special .....Price Of $349
- A MASSIVE 30% Discount


Until Current Stock Is Gone