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Q:  How long before I get my hearing aid?
A:  It takes approximately 7-14 days from payment to delivery.


Q:  Where does my hearing aid come from?
A:  We have some supplies in our warehouse in Canada. What we don’t have, we have shipped from overseas.


Q: If you are shipping from outside my country, what about customs duties?
A: Most times, Customs allows your hearing aid through with no duties or taxes.  Occasionally though, someone gets ambitious and sets a fee.  This is nominal and at your expense.


Q: Is there a warranty on my hearing aid?
A: Yes.  There is a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.  There is also a one year manufacturer’s warranty against defects.


Q: If I need to use my manufacturer’s warranty, how do I do so?
A: Email us with the problem.  It may be something simple we can help you solve.  If this does not work, ship your unit back to us (address in Contact Us) for either a repair or new hearing aid (manufacturer’s discretion). Tell us what the problem is.


Q: What kind of batteries do I use?
A: Both types of hearing aids take a #10 battery. Your hearing aid package has a “stick” that is magnetic on one end to help install and take out the battery from the hearing aid.


Q: How do I put my hearing aid in my ear?
A: This part should be pretty simple, but I suggest turning down your hearing aid prior to placing in your ear.   The Mild to Moderate hearing aid has a small volume dial on the base (flat part) of the hearing aid.  You can turn this with the “stick” that came with your unit.  The Moderate to Severe hearing aid works by pressing either button on top of the hearing aid.  You will hear one to four beeps – each beep sounding louder, letting you know volume is being turned up.


Q: How do I pick which hearing dome (the rubbery piece that goes over the part of the hearing aid that goes in your ear) to use?
A: I suggest you start with the smallest and work your way up to what is comfortable for you.


Q: My hearing aid bothers my ear.
A:  This can be either of two reasons – your ear is initially not used to something in it, so you can pull it out momentarily and put it back in or it might be because your ear dome is not fitting right, in which case you can try a different ear dome.


Q:  My hearing aid stopped working or does not work as well as it used to.
A:  Everything requires a little maintenance.  With hearing aids, you should clean daily to remove any ear wax buildup.  Take the “stick” that came in your kit, take off the ear dome, and stick the “stick” into the hearing aid several times to remove any wax buildup.


Q:  How do I know if my battery dies?
A:  When you are wearing your hearing aid, it will signal when your battery starts needing replacement by giving a beep once in awhile.


Q:  My hearing aid volume keeps going down.
A:  On the Mild to Moderate hearing aid, it shouldn’t. With the Moderate to Severe hearing aid, It has been my experience that if you wear glasses, the arm from your glasses presses the button(s) for the volume.  I adjust it during the day…


Q: My hearing aid sound doesn’t seem right.
A:  As good as hearing aids are, I like to compare to a transistor radio (hearing aid) versus a sterio (natural hearing).  You can hear better than you have in a long time, but it is not the natural sound you heard when you were younger.


Q: I still can not hear what people are saying properly.
A:  Not  mentioned in all the different manufacturer hearing aid marketing materials is the fact that your brain has adjusted to your not hearing as well as you used to.  Using a hearing aid confuses your brain, and it takes awhile for your brain to adjust to the different sounds and pitches.  We suggest wearing your hearing aid everyday, even if you are not going out. This way, (A) your ear canal can get used to something being in it, and (B) your brain can adjust to even the smallest noises we don’t think of – the fridge running, patter of feet on the floor, background noises and music.


Q: I get squealing in my ear.
A: The Mild to Moderate hearing aid has a 30 second delay so you can place in your ear without the feedback from your hand being near the microphone.  If there is still squealing off and on, you can adjust the volume (it may be up too high and sending feedback) or change the ear dome to another size.


The Moderate to Severe hearing aid has the microphone away from the ear receiver, and you should not be getting feedback unless something is close to the main unit behind your ear – a hand, maybe. Remove the obstacle and you should be fine.  Glasses do not seem to interfere with the sound….



Personal experiences….


I started with a hearing aid that goes completely in my ear. Initially it was itchy, but part of that is because I started with the largest ear dome (bigger is better, right?).  Adjusting to a smaller ear dome helped considerably for the itchiness and the feedback squeal.


I used this for vanity’s sake, but my hearing is so bad I had to move to the Behind The Ear unit (actually, my hearing aid is the smaller version, and called RIC (Receiver in Canal).  The manufacturer we use has a very good unit that is one of the top three smallest units in the world.


The RIC I use is very lightweight and I often forget I have it on.  I have lost a couple units from taking off my shirt outside or swimming with the unit still on (hey, I’m old and forget these minor things…). Initially there was some itchiness, but your ear quickly adapts to this.


When I started wearing the hearing aids, I was still struggling to hear (but not nearly like I used to) and found out it was because my brain had to adapt.  Over time I started keeping up with fast conversations, people speaking in different tones (I mentioned initially not being able to hear my teenage son; now I can – even at low volumes).


Because of my vanity I first tried the Mild to Moderate in-your-ear unit. It is small and hides well.   Moving to the Moderate to Severe hearing aid, which has a unit behind the ear with a small tube going into the ear, the main unit is very small and lightweight.  I don’t feel it, and used to have moderately long hair to hide it (I don’t any more). The tube going into the ear is quite fine and people comment they did not see (although to me, it is obvious, but I know it is there).


And to my surprise, people don’t stare or make comments.  Loss of hearing is a disability and one that happens to a significant amount of the population.  Girlfriends (yes I’m single…) don’t mind, nor does anyone else.  Even my toddler grandchildren don’t play with it.


And I am no longer isolated.  I had sharply reduced my time with friends and family because I (as someone mentioned) started wearing a dumb look on my face all the time; I used to stare at people’s lips as they talked.  And no more witty comebacks.


Now…. A new world.

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